About the hostS:
Garrett Atkins, ERIC BROWN
, Katie BAKER

When you think of sales and marketing, you think of Garrett Atkins and Eric Brown. These two guys are the perfect fit to meet, learn from, and discuss business concepts with many different guests on The Official St. Louis Podcast.

Garrett Atkins.

Garrett ATkins

Once named “Most Admired Business Leader” in St. Louis, Garrett Atkins is an exceptional entrepreneur, media expert, and businessman. Starting his business VIE Media from the ground up in 2016, Garrett has proven that his skills are effective in achieving greatness. Passionate about digital marketing, digital media, and business as a whole, Garrett created VIE Media to provide expert services to a variety of clients all over the globe. 

Using this passion for business, Garrett loves to talk to local business owners about their passions–about their businesses, which is why The Official St. Louis Podcast was created. The vision is simple: sharing love for the city of St. Louis, business, and innovation. 


As a noteworthy salesman, Eric Brown is driven by success and takes pride in providing the best service to anyone and everyone. As the Chief Sales Officer and Managing Partner at VIE Media, Eric has proven why he is such a defined leader at the company. He pushes everyone to perform at their best, has a great business mind, and works to give everyone the best sales tools to feel like a top performer. 

Eric demonstrates his knowledge of business marketing and sales to establish a relationship with clients with top-of-the-line communication. As a co-host, Eric will use these skills to speak to other passionate business owners to gain more insight into the love of marketing. 

Also known as “Your Bearded Marketing Guy”, Eric’s main goal is providing the best customer experience, and growing companies and their sales. As a master of SEO and Google Ads, Eric uses these skills to his advantage to make clients feel secure when trusting VIE Media.


Katie Baker, a St. Louis native, skillfully blends her professional acumen from VIE Media with her personal zeal for pop culture on The St. Louis Podcast. In her dual roles as Director of Administration and Account Executive, Katie excels in orchestrating projects and engaging diverse audiences, qualities she seamlessly translates into her podcast hosting.

Her episodes are a tapestry of trending pop culture topics, heartfelt discussions on less-talked-about subjects, and everything in between, all infused with her distinct humor and easygoing conversational tone. Katie’s love for the St. Louis Blues, reality TV, and music, coupled with her spirited personality, infuses each podcast episode with authenticity and vibrancy.

Her approachable and outgoing demeanor not only fosters a warm connection with listeners but also captures the essence of St. Louis’s community spirit, making every episode a celebration of shared stories and laughter.

If you’re from St. Louis or live nearby, The Official St. Louis Podcast is made for you! Listen to the latest episode today.