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The Official St. Louis Podcast is all about interviewing the most badass entrepreneurs, creators, and personalities in St. Louis. All the while, having a damn good time doing so.

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Meet Your Host

Garrett Atkins

Once named “Most Admired Business Leader” in St. Louis, Garrett Atkins is a talented entrepreneur and media mogul with multiple successful companies under his ownership. After starting VIE Media—his own media marketing firm—from the ground up, Garrett has continually pushed the limits and grown his businesses into powerful players with reputations that extend far outside Garrett’s beloved St. Louis.

For his whole life, Garrett always felt there was something special about St. Louis. When growing up and getting his first few jobs, Garrett always loved talking to local business owners about the things they were most passionate about—their businesses. Now a business owner himself, Garrett loves to speak with St. Louis’ best and brightest to share experiences and their passion for the city.

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The recording studio in St. Louis, Half Coast Studios.

Our Studio

Half Coast Studios

Every episode of The Official St. Louis Podcast is recorded and produced at Half Coast Studios, a local podcast recording studio that specializes in making high-quality podcast productions accessible to everyone. By recording at Half Coast Studios, The Official St. Louis Podcast takes advantage of a flexible recording space with dozens of configurations.

Our space is equipped with as much high-fidelity audio equipment as we need, ensuring our podcast always has impeccable audio quality in every situation. Located in West County St. Louis, Half Coast Studios is a perfect place to meet with co-hosts and discuss everything you love about The Gateway to the West. It’s just a short drive from every part of the city including the airport.

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