A Podcast for St. Louis, About ST. Louis

We can go on and on about how much we care about St. Louis—we regularly do in each episode—but the core mission of our show is simple. The Official St. Louis Podcast is a show about dedication, success, and community. Each of the guests that visit our studio are bringing the story of how they had a singular vision, executed it, and are pleased to share their success with the city they love. Those are the kind of values that built St. Louis, and that’s what will drive our future.

We’re looking for sponsors that embody those same values and encapsulate what it means to be an innovative business in a thriving St. Louis. Your entire team has worked hard to build your business into what it is today, and that should be celebrated alongside the other companies we feature on our show.

It’s all about the spirit of St. Louis.

Our Audience

By supporting The Official St. Louis Podcast, you’re reaching out to the exact people you’d like to see walk in your store each day. Our audience is your neighbors, the people who search for your business on Google Maps, and the clients that are in need of your services. In other words—they’re exactly the kind of people you’re going to want to advertise to.

Our show is formatted to show off our own curiosity about the city around us. We love to discuss what new restaurant opened up in Soulard, which brewery we think is best, or whose neighborhood has the better coffee shop. By sponsoring our show, you’ll be offering your own business as a solution to a customer’s problem or an exciting new thing to try. For a naturally curious show with a naturally curious audience, that’s a winning combination.

Our Brand

Like we’ve mentioned so many times before, our show is a love letter to the city we live in. We greatly enjoy working with local businesses and driving customers to their doors. With the outreach we have and the skills we possess as content creators and marketers, our goal is to offer excitement and adventure to St. Louisans and spread the word about our favorite businesses.

That’s why we think a local company like yours should advertise through The Official St. Louis Podcast. You’ll be represented by the same production that honors innovation above all else. You’ll become a part of our brand, just like you’re already a valuable part of St. Louis.


The logo for Half Coast Studios.

Half Coast Studios

Half Coast Studios is St. Louis’ #1 podcast recording studio, offering many services to make the content creation process easier than ever before. Half Coast Studios is committed to helping anyone with a great podcast idea produce it without buying any equipment, handling a recording interface, or downloading a bunch of software. They make the entire process easier.

The logo for VIE Media.

VIE Media

VIE Media is a results-driven marketing agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Video Production.

The Logo for West County Insulation.

West County Insulation

For precision insulation services for your attic, ceiling, crawl space, and walls, call the trusted insulation contractors in St. Louis.

Mark Lee

Interested in starting your own Farmer’s Agency? Mark Lee provides comprehensive information about becoming a Farmers Insurance agent, including the process, benefits, background of the company, and its recognitions. If you want to make a difference in your community while maximizing your income potential then apply today.

A look inside the recording studio at Half Coast Studios.

The Official St. Louis Podcast is a labor of love from a passionate team of local media types and businesspeople. It’s not always easy producing a podcast on our own, but we care a lot about what we do. To help us make The Official St. Louis Podcast as great as we know it can be, we’re now looking for like-minded businesses to sponsor our show.

Since our show is dedicated to The Gateway to the West and discovering local businesses to enjoy, we think it’s a great opportunity for local businesses to reach young, adventurous clientele in the best possible way. It’s a great way to show your support for our show and help your own business grow. There are sponsorship packages available giving you even more exposure to our local St. Louis audience.


To learn more about sponsorship packages available for The Official St. Louis Podcast and to discuss opportunities, contact us today.