Officially Hosted AT The top recording studio in St. Louis, HALF COAST STUDIOS

It’s only fitting that a podcast dedicated to St. Louis should record locally in the city’s premier podcast recording studio. The Official St. Louis Podcast proudly records every episode in Half Coast Studios, a comprehensive and full-service podcast studio that offers recording, editing, and distribution services to St. Louis’ greatest audio productions.

A look at the studio set up at Half Coast Studios.

About Half Coast Studios

If you want to make a high-quality podcast but aren’t exactly sure how, Half Coast Studios offers the perfect services for you. With professional equipment, knowledgeable staff, and everything else you need to record, all you need to create a great podcast is to sit down and speak into the microphones.

After the recording is done, Half Coast Studios also offers high-quality editing services and distribution for your podcasts. Not every recording will be perfect every time. With the right editor, however, every episode will sound professionally produced and enjoyable to listen to. Then we will distribut it to all the major platforms, like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more.

The Perfect Place to Record

Half Coast Studios is a great place to record STL Podcast, voice-overs, audiobooks, or just about any other audio production you can think of.  The soundproofed studio offers an open floor plan with adjustable microphones, tables, computers, and monitors. In fact, Half Coast Studios is adaptable to fit just about any type of production.

You don’t have to be an expert in podcast production to work with Half Coast Studios—far from it. Their team of audio engineers can work with you to set up the perfect environment for your show, always taking special care to ensure you sound great and are comfortable in the studio.

From there, all you have to do is record your podcast. The Half Coast team will handle the technical side of things, giving you and your team a clean, masterfully produced audio file at the end of the session. There’s never been an easier way to make a podcast!

The Old Courthouse right in front of The Gateway Arch.

Proudly Local

STL Podcast is for St. Louis, from St. Louis. Working with local brands is very important to us, which is why we’re proud to record at Half Coast Studios. Located in Creve Coeur, Half Coast is just a short drive from many of the fantastic locations we discuss on the show and is easy for our guests to come visit.

The studio is also located near dozens of fantastic restaurants and cafes, meaning it’s easy to step out of the studio during a long recording session and have a meeting or get-together. If you have a co-host or guest coming from out of town, Creve Coeur is also a short drive from Lambert International Airport.

Many people have asked the STL Podcast  team how to start a podcast of their own. To learn how Half Coast Studios can help you create your dream podcast, visit their website today.